Kayleigh Trombly-Krall

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist 

I have been a Dental Hygienist since 2009 upon graduation from Vermont Technical College.  Dental hygiene is strongly based in prevention and treatment of oral disease so when I first heard of Myofunctional Therapy I was excited to learn new ways to help serve my patients.  

Oral health has been linked to systemic health in many ways and as a hygienist this is one thing I strive to educate patients about.  With my Myofunctional Therapy training I can now help them relate their orofacial dysfunctions to their overall health concerns. 

I grew up in Northern NY state, attended hygiene school in Vermont and have since practiced dental hygiene in New York, Minnesota, Oregon and now Wisconsin.  In 2021 I started my own myofunctional therapy practice (High Desert Myofunctional Therapy) in Central Oregon where I was able to help several patients achieve their orofacial myofunctional goals.  My Husband and I decided to relocate in early 2022 and we moved to Northern Wisconsin. Being in a new state means creating a new practice, so now I have launched Northwoods Myofunctional Therapy. 

I am excited to explore Wisconsin more as I settle in here.  My husband and I and our two dogs love being outside and you can often find us hiking, camping, kayaking, cross-country skiing, fishing, or just relaxing in our backyard