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Northwoods Myofunctional Therapy offers individualized programs to help correct oral muscular dysfunctions of the tongue, lips & soft palate.   When the muscles function properly improvements can be made to your daily life and overall health.  Our business is based out of Minocqua, Wisconsin but offers therapy virtually, making it convenient and accessible. 

client  Testimonials: 

"I worked with Kayleigh in 2021 for preoperative and postoperative tongue tie and lower lip tie release, TMJ pain, swallowing issues, and tongue thrust. From day one, Kayleigh was wonderful to work with. She explained everything in-depth, both with the educational aspects of tongue tie, lip tie, and its affects on the body, as well as the entire OMT process. I entered the process feeling informed and excited to begin.

Throughout therapy, Kayleigh was an incredibly kind, knowledgeable, patient, passionate and thorough therapist who truly wants you to succeed. She was open and supportive of questions during and in between sessions.  You have to put in the work to see the true results, but she will provide you with excellent tools to succeed and was a wonderful cheerleader along the way. Stick with it and your life will change, as mine did. Whether you're an adult or a parent looking for a myofunctional therapist for your child, I would highly recommend Kayleigh as your OMT - it will be worth it!"

- J.R.

"Truly awesome experience and service from start to finish.  Very professional and very friendly at every appointment. Kayleigh had a smile on her face and was ready to rock and roll.  Highly recommend her to anyone with myofunctional needs and questions.  Kayleigh is most definitely a five-star professional."